Monday, April 22, 2013

More Tips to Be More Detail Oriented

Here are some simple tips on how to be more detailed oriented at work, school, or training. 

Use Check Lists & Reminders

check lists help be more detail oriented
Have a reminder of the most critical things to do or attend by using clues and reminders like calendars and sticky notes. Set calendar alerts on your phone or write event reminders on sticky notes and calendars. Put sticky note and calendar reminders in places that you would see them most of the time, like on your refrigerator or desk. Make a to-do list every night before going to bed highlighting the things you should do the next day.

Some of the most effective people start every day by creating a check list for the day; a simple list of items that must be done before they leave work for the day. Make it even more effective by putting the things you DON'T want to do at the TOP of the list. The day gets better -- and easier -- as it goes along.  

Turn Off Distractions

With family, friends and work fighting for your attention phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and face-time, it may not be easy to concentrate on the most important things you need to do. Avoiding unnecessary distractions goes a long way -- it's basically required, actually -- in helping you focus on the task at hand give your full attention to details.

Switch off your phone, do not check your emails, and be in a quiet place to minimize the chances getting distracted by interruptions such as external sounds. But if your workstation is neither secluded nor quiet, wear headphones and listen to soft background music to cancel out distractions and external sounds. You might even turn your desk to face the wall rather than the doorway or window to avoid distraction from people or even day-dreamy weather.

Some of the reasons that may make you to avoid or rush through details are lack of time, lack of interest and exhaustion. Therefore, ensure that every task is completed and reviewed to meet the desired completion.

Think positively: Being more detail oriented may lead to a promotion at your workplace. The relationship between you and your family or friends might also improve if you are attentive to the details mentioned in the conversation. When it comes to your studies, being detail oriented can mean better studying habits and opportunities.

Get Sufficient Rest

Recharge your energy and revive your exhausted body by sleeping for 7-8 hours every night. Having a high quality sleep would allow you to wake up easily without the need of setting an alarm. When the body is rested, your brain is more efficient  at producing chemicals like adrenaline and dopamine which help you to stay focused and detail oriented. On the other hand, insufficient rest reduces your concentration levels, which makes you vulnerable to forgetfulness and poor attention span.

exercise for improved attention to detailExercise Regularly

Performing aerobic exercises like cycling, brisk walking and running at least thrice every week can enhance your concentration levels. Engaging in aerobic exercises makes your brain to release dopamine, an essential chemical that reduces stress and makes you to be detail oriented. If your work may not allow you to leave your desk, just stand up for a couple of minutes. This simple act would signal the brain to stay alert and focused.

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